Are you using multi-sig yet?

Found our CryptoCurrency Security Standard a bit initimidating? Not quite sure where to start? I'm going to let you in on a little secret that will hopefully give you a great way to begin - start using multi-sig!

Multi-sig allows you to:

  • Enforce treasury rules within an organization (verified destinations, amounts, etc.)
  • Implement several layers of checks and balances that ultimately authorize a transaction (#BTC moved per day, etc.)
  • Meet important disaster recovery requirements such as geographical and organizational seperation
  • Give multiple actors in an organization access to the same funds while still enforcing unique authentication credentials, creating an audit trail of your expenditures
  • So much more

There are a number of resources out there to help get started with multi-sig, including programming guides, great libraries, powerful applications and awesome services to make it simple for any business.

Whether you want to implement it yourself and have full control over all of your keys (Ciphrex, Armory) or prefer to outsource one key to trusted partners (BitGo, Gem, Coinkite), there are many multi-sig solutions waiting for you.

Are you using multi-sig yet?
Satoshi gave us programmable money for a reason, get started using multi-sig today!