We’ve talked a lot about the unparalleled educational value you’re getting as an attendee of Blockchain Training Conference 2019. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the highest standards in the blockchain industry, but we’re also comprised of community veterans who understand that some experiences can’t be quantified.

While you’ll be gaining exclusive access to career enhancing curriculum at BTC2019, you’ll also be meeting people from around the world who will be lifelong friends. In fact, that’s how many of us on the BTC2019 team met.

We all came from a variety of backgrounds outside the crypto community and were unified by our passion for decentralized technology. Some of us built standard-setting organizations to increase professionalism in the space, some quit their corporate jobs to travel the world full time to share the power of blockchain technology and others have found ways to incorporate this groundbreaking technology into their existing specialities. Blockchain technology has brought us together through a shared interest and our diverse perspectives have helped us grow not only in professional ways, but personal ways as well. It all started by attending events like the very one we’re organizing and that’s what we want to bring to you.

The enthusiasm for blockchain technology is infectious and global. Meetups are held around the world bringing new people into the fold daily, and we’ve been lucky enough to find kindred spirits in all parts of the globe. The allure of decentralization isn’t just financial; it’s liberatory on a social level. Blockchain technology and blockchain enthusiasts transcend borders naturally. Something we all have in common is our skepticism of the status quo as being the only way to transact, organize data or simply exist in this fast changing world. The folks attending BTC2019 look at solutions a little differently, and within the diverse blockchain space, you can find your people.

Untether yourself from outdated systems by joining the mavericks building the future of decentralized tech. Come find your international tribe at BTC2019. Learn. Apply. Grow.